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Cresco Capital Ltd


For our client companies we act as a corporate finance adviser and in doing so are able to provide the usual range of corporate finance services from strategic planning, investment preparation and M&A work through to fund raising. We are very experienced in raising growth and development equity capital and can also structure bridge funding and mezzanine debt transactions for companies seeking more specialist debt solutions.

To support our corporate finance activities Cresco carefully nurtures strong ongoing relationships with a wide investor base, including our own private client network, family offices and institutional funds, and we have created an operational infrastructure which aims to further develop these relationships in a number of ways;

Private Investors & Family Offices

We believe that private investor investment risk should be mitigated by carefully pre-qualifying investment opportunities, ensuring that all companies are correctly funded and, where possible, building portfolio investment opportunities. We work with private investors, and their advisers, who have a clear idea of the stage and sector into which they are seeking to invest, and with a pre-defined annual investment commitment.

Private Investor Syndicates.

We provide direct support and advisory services to selected private investor syndicates who are actively investing in SEIS and EIS qualifying businesses. In doing so we assist the syndicate in its origination and investment processes and then seek to provide co-investment funds to leverage the syndicate investment positions.


Given the high investment risk implicit in SEIS and EIS investments we strongly recommend that investors utilise any SEIS & EIS investment allocation on a portfolio basis. We actively work to assist in the construction of such portfolios on behalf of direct investors and wealth management advisors.

For those investors wishing to build their own EIS portfolios we have launched a dedicated EIS investment platform - www.coinvestor.co.uk

If you are an active private investor, or private client advisor, and would like to be able to review a wide range of pre qualified SEIS, EIS and Yield investment opportunities then please contact us.

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