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Cresco Capital Ltd


About us

Cresco Capital was founded in 2009 at a time of substantial change within the financial services industry. 2008 marked a recognised turning point at the end of a twenty five year "golden period" for investments and since then investors have seen considerably increased volatility across the majority of sectors making investment decision making challenging.

This in turn has led many private investors to seek out alternative and non market correlated assets which provide a combination of tax effectiveness, capital preservation and yield. The effects of this can be seen in both the ongoing disintermediation of the banking sector and the increased interest in investing in unlisted SME's. We see it likely that private capital will continue to fill the gap left by limited institutional demand and that this will be an increasing trend.

Cresco works with selected companies seeking growth or development capital and assists them to structure investment propositions for which there is identifiable investor demand. We particularly like businesses with the following attributes;

  • commercially proven
  • growth constrained by lack of capital
  • predictable cash flows with recurring revenues
  • experienced and balanced management teams
  • selling into rapid growth sector's

If you are currently running, or advising, an established business seeking development capital,
fit the above criteria, and would like to access our finance then please contact us.

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